Eggplant Eyeliner: The Perfect Pop of Color for Your Eyes

The beauty industry is constantly evolving, offering innovative and creative ways to enhance our natural features. Eye makeup, in particular, has come a long way. From bold and dramatic eyeshadow palettes to subtle and minimal eye liners, the options are endless. One such liner that has gained popularity in recent years is the eggplant eyeliner. Its unique hue and versatility make it a great choice for people looking to add some boldness to their eye makeup game. In this blog, we dive into the world of eggplant eyeliner, how it can help you elevate your look, and tips for using it.

Firstly, let’s understand why eggplant eyeliner is gaining popularity in the makeup industry. One reason is its unique color tone. Eggplant eyeliner is a mixture of deep purple and brown tones. This color combination makes it a highly versatile color, offering effortless blending with other shades, especially earthy and warm tones. You can opt to use it as a standalone color or blend it with other shades to create a unique look.

Secondly, eggplant eyeliner is an ideal choice for people with different skin tones. It complements warm skin tones and gives a pop of color to cooler skin complexions. It also works well with different hair colors, including blondes, brunettes, and redheads. This versatility makes eggplant eyeliner an all-around winner for many people.

One thing that puts many people off trying new and bold eyeliner shades is the fear of not getting it right and ending up looking like a clown. However, using eggplant eyeliner is easier than most people think. For starters, if you’re using a pencil liner, begin by sharpening it for a precise application. Start by drawing a thin line close to your lash line, building the thickness and darkness gradually. You can also smudge it for a softer and sultry look. For a bolder look, use a liquid liner instead of a pencil.

Another way to incorporate eggplant eyeliner into your makeup routine is by using it as a waterline liner. This is a great way to add a pop of color without going overboard. Use a precision brush or pencil to apply the liner on your waterline. It brightens the eyes and also adds some depth to the overall look.


If you’re looking for a way to play with different eye makeup shades, give eggplant eyeliner a try. Its versatility and unique tones make it a great choice for people across different skin tones and hair color. Remember to start with a thin line close to your lash line and build on it gradually. You can also use it as a waterline lining for an effortless pop of color. With these tips, you’re sure to elevate your makeup game and turn heads with your eggplant eyeliner.


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