What Is COVID-19 antigen rapid test

The US has granted emergency use authorization to COVID-19 antigen testing, a novel diagnostic tool for identifying coronavirus. COVID-19 antigen rapid test identifies the presence of SARS-CoV-2 viral proteins in the sample, allowing infection to be detected as soon as it appears. A molecule that induces the immune system to generate antibodies and elicit an immunological response Spike protein is discovered on the surface of the virus of COVID-19.

As a result, the antigen test recognizes the SARS-CoV-2 virus’s proteins or genetic material. When asymptomatic persons have had recent direct contact with a COVID-19-positive person, the fast antigen test should be conducted during the first few days of symptoms. The COVID-19 antigen test is inexpensive, and it may allow people to test for COVID-19 on their own rather than having to go to a screening facility.

The test comes with everything you’ll need to use on nasopharyngeal samples. Either affirmative (with test and control lines visible), negative (only control line visible) or invalid are determined by the antigen testing results (only test line appears or no line appears). Instead of depending on the operator to read the findings off the strip, newer instruments include digital immunoassays that display the result as positive, negative, or invalid.

Deterrence Alternatives To Vaccines

Despite the fact that COVID vaccinations are experimental, the major global drive to have them utilized relies on concerns of contracting the disease. That is, they haven’t gone through the rigorous, time-consuming, and costly randomized clinical trials that many experts believe are the gold standard for a medication evaluation. randomized clinical trials.

The government utilized this absence to criticize and ban the use of generic drugs such as hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin by the government. antigen rapid test and regulatory approval for vaccines have been accelerated. Some essential facts are missing from practically all information reaching the public. The virus can still stay in the body due to the vaccines, and it can shed and spread to others.

To put it another way, the virus may survive in the community. Vaccinated people can experience a variety of side effects. Vaccines are designed to prevent major sickness and death, but they do not completely and completely prevent the virus from surviving in your body. Instead of killing the virus, they try to destroy its effects by imparting some protection, as opposed to earlier vaccinations for other viral infections.

There are mountains of good medical evidence proving that a variety of inexpensive, safe, proven, and powerful drugs, vitamins, and supplements have been used globally to stop COVID when the protocols are employed very early. COVID hospitalizations and mortality rates are significantly lower in a number of countries where they are extensively used than in the United States and other countries that have banned their usage. They have saved 70 to 80% of COVID fatalities in total. The most important criterion is that they are utilized within days of experiencing symptoms or receiving a positive test result. The public has the right to select between COVID vaccinations and the several procedures that have been categorized as components for early home COVID therapy, in other words.


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