Competitions In Business

If we think logically, then offering products and services free sounds crazy. However, in a real sense, it is a great marketing strategy used by businesses to increase their sales. Competitions are increasing now; therefore, it is important to keep up with the demands of customers and their preferences. Free services are not free for the company. Companies need money to provide free deals and run the business. Let us highlight some important aspects of offering free services to customers and how it is beneficial for the companies in the long run.

Advantages to the company

Offering free services can be very important for the companies to get into Competitions. They are given below:

  1. Increasing the leads– Generating leads in business is very important. You can see many brands that provide free services with the purchase of a product. Like if you subscribe to a newsletter of a company then they will provide you free services like e-books, magazines. E-books are sent through email and for companies, it is the best way to get the email id of their customers. So, later on, they can send more important kinds of stuff on that email id. This strategy is important as companies can tap new customers can get more customer leads. Likewise, many companies induce customers to buy products through their social media ids. This will provide customers with the opportunity to get more information about the customers. It is also a type of social media marketing that has become very popular.
  • Helping others understand what companies provide– Sometimes to cope up with the Competitions, companies let people try on their free products and services. Companies can understand their user’s demands better this way. The feedback provided by the users is beneficial to bring changes and innovations to the products.
  • Generating a buzz- Companies sometimes provide free services and products in the market to generate a buzz. All the TV commercials and print media will show the company ads and, this way they can make their brand popular. If this buzz is created in the right way, then the brand image will improve and companies will profit from it. Such types of campaigns help to defeat Competitions as well. Not only brand awareness but this way companies can increase their social media followers. Overall engagement level will also increase this way.

Feedbacks– Feedbacks are very important for companies. When loyal and old customers of the companies provide feedbacks on the free products, it not only motivates the companies but also gives them the scope of improvement. You can ask questions on what our customers expectations, what price they are willing to pay, how often will people are willing to buy. Sometimes people do not buy new products because they feel risky about it. But with free samples, they can give it a try and try those new products. It will help them generate taste and liking towards the product so they can buy it later.


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