Methods to increase instagram likes with today

Why are you on instagram? The number of businesses that run instagram accounts are numerous based on the kind of services they are offering. Instagram is basically a game of numbers where the amount of comments and likes determines how influential you can be on this platform. You can probably get frustrated by the low likes and reactions your instagram posts may be receiving. This can be changed by looking for free instagram followers famoid that sell instagram likes. That is just but one of the many ways instagram users can use besides the following simple ways of improving the number of likes on your instagram posts.

High quality or HD photos are a must

The quality of photos on instagram dictates not just the likes but the kind of followers you get today.You should therefore invest in a good camera that can be used to record quality videos and pictures for use on your instagram account. Blurry and unclear photos may make it hard for viewers to comprehend whatever message your picture is intending to pass across. The quality of your photos may as well be the sieve that decides which followers you will have and the ones you will lose.

Know which hashtags to use

Hashtags are phrases and abbreviations that when used in a caption make your posts easy to locate by other instagramers online. Find out what celebrities use in their posts and have options when it comes to the hashtags you can use. You can even combine different tags to increase the general visibility of your posts and attract even more likes and followers. Posts without tags may remain visible to people that follow you or not show up to instagramers past your region.

Add location to your posts

Every time you post on instagram, you are needed to specify the location where the pic was taken or so. This is not compulsory but can be alife saver when it comes to attracting more likes and followers to your instagram content. The stated location will make your posts visible to people within similar region as they may be more relevant and connect to your content than people elsewhere. Google maps can always help you know your exact location should you have no idea of the same. For business, using a location can win you clients within your region hence promoting your business as needed.

Seek help from influencers and other top brands

You cannot make it by yourself, moving together can help you attain your goals faster. With likes and followers, there is no better source of help than top brands in your industry and other influencers you can access. You can encourage them to share pictures of your brands with them to win some of their followers and get them to check your page out. The more you encourage the sharing of your content over other platforms and instagram accounts, the better numbers in terms of followers and likes you get on you instagram account.


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