Quality leather holsters that last

Holsters that would last? In the era where competition is valued more than sincerity and durability of the product, Kirkpatrick leather has been doing great in producing the best-selling holster for 70 years and counting. In this article, let us show you how durable and best the holsters are at Kirkpatrick leather.

Kirkpatrick leather

Kirkpatrick is a famous holster brand in the states. The company is quite famous for specialising and improving in the making of holsters. With beautifully designed shoulder Holsters to best working 1911 holsters, you will get almost all types of holsters at the site. The site is easy to explore, experts from Kirkpatrick are ready to help out whenever you need a piece of wisdom or an experienced hand in picking the best for yourself.

Quality is paid attention to at Kirkpatrick leather. The materials used are no less while the outcome of the process, presented in the catalogue of the company speaks every detail Clearly. The leather used is American leather while the vendors they trust for the hardware are few among the most trusted sellers of the United States. Kirkpatrick leather has always been a smart choice for the people who seek durability the most.

Quality leather holsters that last

Kirkpatrick leather has never in its journey of 70 years compromised or even thought about it. They want their products to stay with you for more than just a couple of years and provide the best service until its decor fades, the cloth finally starts to shred and the holster looks old. The materials used, thus are of great quality ordered by specific raw material providers.

Saving money for an inch of low quality, who would know? And on top of that, would it be a big deal? Yes, it may not be one for other brands and as well as for customers, but for Kirkpatrick leather, it is a talk about their sincerity and quality, both of the things valued more than anything else at the company.

The finest pieces of leather are used to produce the Holsters. The 1911 Holsters you might have seen people using are made of the best quality leather from Kirkpatrick, the American leather can could be called as. If you have bought a custom made shoulder holster from Kirkpatrick, you can easily check the material by either comparing it with the leather holster you got from other brands or by simply using it. Years will pass but the material will shine to its last. With the help of a heavy-duty sewing machine, the holsters at Kirkpatrick Leather are manufactured using seven cord bonded nylon thread. Double stitches are allotted at the areas where there are high chances of separation of two pieces. The holster is done halfway through machines and factories, after that, each and every Holster is completed by doing the work through hands. If you have a keen look, the detailing on every holster of Kirkpatrick will scream incredibleness and durability.


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